About Us

At ADS Golf, we strive to find the optimal club makeup that golfers can hit consistently. Whether it maybe simply changing the length of the clubs or finding the right shaft, all golfers can only benefit from being properly fit. Our offerings consist of only premium component companies with over 100 different shaft options in our fitting system and several head manufacturers, we are determined to find the best club for the golfer.  

Why Custom Fit

Are you looking to enjoy the game of golf more? Are you wondering why you never really improve? The answer to these two questions and many other related questions center on the fit of your golf clubs.

Most golfers think that they need to improve and become more consistent before even considering purchasing a custom fit golf club. But the reason most are not able to be consistent or improve is because the equipment they play with is not designed for their specific physical needs in the golf swing.

When you walk into a bowling alley you won’t find that every house ball is the same. If you walk into a sporting goods store and look at baseball bats, there won't be just one bat on display. If you go into a "big box" golf store, you will find many different manufacturers. Yet, most of the equipment is similar in length, weight, swing weight, grip size, to name but a few specs. Why is that?

Back in the early part of the 20th century, when a golfer bought golf clubs, he/she needed to have a custom fit. Then when large manufacturers started to mass produce golf clubs, the companies had to convince the golfing public that factory-made clubs were every bit as good as custom-made. Today, these same companies try to "fit" people by having their store employees (who usually have little or no fitting background) follow generic guidelines and/or charts. These companies offer minimal fitting options which normally involve making a shaft change or length change. Many golfers have learned that even getting that done correctly can be a disappointing experience. Plus, the process still isn’t custom fitting.

Custom fitting involves finding what shaft weight, length, flex, bend point, bend profile, and material is needed in your club. Along with the shaft, the fitter must calculate the needs in head design with regards to loft, face angle, sole width, bounce, leading edge grind, and perimeter weighting. Also, the fitter must consider what size and material grip is needed, and what the completed golf clubs swing weight, or moment of inertia, needs to be.

In the last 20 years, more and more people have discovered the need and advantage of having their golf clubs custom fitted. We at ADS Golf have more than 20 years of fitting experience. We use state-of-the-art fitting equipment: Trackman 3, golf radar that measures a golf swing, Tomi Pro that measures a putting stroke, and we have a wide range golf club heads that are designed to interchange shafts in order to find your fit quickly and easily. For putters, we currently offer Bobby Grace, Clay Long, Bettinardi, Kronos, PXG, and Piretti models.