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I live in Bend, Oregon, 97701; but will travel anywhere.  My son lives in Phoenix and we visit him regularly.  We travel to Palm Springs in January and/or February.  I am flexible with respect to location.  I just want the best clubfitter who also knows something about the golf swing and can evaluate my swing relative to the equipment possibilities.

I went through HotStix in 2006 in Phoenix.  The process was thorough.  I enjoyed the experience; but didn't buy anything.


Your thoughts and recommendations are welcome.    


Thanks very much.


From: Tom Wishon
Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2013 11:57 AM
Subject: RE: Club & Shaft Fitting Services - Contact Requested


I sure can help.  If you do not mind driving about 60 miles from Palm Springs to the San Marcos area, one of THE VERY VERY BEST club fitters on the whole planet has his fitting studio in that area.  And I am not embellishing that comment either.  Most definitely if you are into finding THE best fit for you and your swing, Gene Bonk of ADS Golf in San Marcos will do that for you.  There are a few in the PHX area who are OK and competent, but really when I saw that Gene's location is not all that far from Palm Spgs, I felt that from what I know about his knowledge, skills and experience over the years that it would be well worth an hour drive both ways to meet with him. 


His contact information is as follows:


ADS Golf
Gene Bonk
802 North Twin Oaks Valley Rd
Suite 104
San Marcos, CA 92069


The very best wishes to you in this great game, TOM WISHON



PS: Gene and guys like him are more like tailors to golf clubs in that they build everything from scratch.  They can start with the heads, shafts, grips that fit you the best, then custom build it all to have the right assembly specs and do it for a price that is not more than what you’d pay for big brand clubs just bought off the rack at a retail chain golf store.   Anyway, thanks much and I hope you get a chance to see Gene when you head south. 

ADS Golf is without a doubt the single best place to be custom fit for golf clubs in all of Southern California (Think 1950's customer service....they will go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations). Using state of the art TRACKMAN (exactly what PGA tour pros use) Gene will gather more information about your golf swing than you ever thought possible, and fit you into exactly what you need to maximize you golf potential and have more fun. Don't be a sheep and buy into all the hype and marketing crap put out there by the big box stores and major equipment brands. You absolutely cannot buy a better golf game just by having the latest and greatest equipment. Walk into any other golf shop and being "fit" for clubs most likely includes hitting balls into a net to determine if you need regular or stiff shafts and/or some random employee having you hit a SINGLE iron off of a lie board and then bending the rest of the clubs in the set to progressively match. They may also take a wrist to floor measurement to get you into the desired club length. To me this type of "fitting" (if you can even call it that) is the equivalent of being fit/measured for a suit/tuxedo by stepping onto a scale. Yes, it will give you some information, but it’s not really what you need to get the job done the right way. I am a low single digit handicap and take my golf game very serious. I recently had ADS build me custom golf clubs from the ground up (Head, Shaft, Flex, Loft, Lie, Grip, Grip Size, Swing Weight, Clubs MOI Matched, Shafts Spine Aligned) and I spent exactly what it would cost to walk into any other golf shop and buy new clubs off the rack. ADS will TAKE THEIR TIME and make sure they fit you for every aspect of the golf club. For me personally this was over 4-5 different fitting sessions/appointments and Gene only charged me a one-time fitting fee. I am very picky and particular about my equipment, and Gene was more than happy to keep tinkering until I was 100% satisfied with the clubs. ADS golf has earned a lifetime of my golf business and I won't go anywhere else to dial in my golf equipment. Lastly, ADS has an amazing selection of gently used golf balls, most look like they've been played less than one round. I buy all my Pro-V1x's here at $1.50 a ball (Who can justify $45-50 a dozen for new....not me). Thanks ADS Golf for the best fitting experience and golf clubs I've ever owned!!!


-Brett, 4-23-2013

ADS Golf took the time to view my stroke in their hitting cage; made excellent recommendations to correct my grip and club length.


-J Reimnitz


In July 2010 having played PING Clubs for approximately 40 years, and nearing my 70th Birthday, I purchased a full set of PING K-15 golf clubs that were to be my "sunset" clubs. I planned to play with them until I could no longer play the game. I started hitting shots very high, and the disbursement was considerably exaggerated. Granted, I was hitting longer shots; i.e. pitching wedge 125 yards, #9 iron 135 yards. Even when I was on line the shot would be beyond my intended target.  I became frustrated with my club selection and scoring.


I read an article published by the National Club Makers Association out of Oregon. This article shed some light on my current dissatisfaction with the PING K-15 clubs. The crux was that all the major club makers were strong lofting to make their product longer. This article made reference to Tom Wishon Golf. When seeking a local vendor for Tom Wishon Golf, I found ADS Golf INC. in San Marcos.


I made my first appointment with Gene Bonk at ADS Golf in October 2010. After checking Launch / Lie setting for my K-15 Clubs, he enlightened me as to why I was experiencing my dissatisfaction with my equipment. He explained several options to adjust my PING K-15’s to more traditional lofts, and moment of inertia (MOI) balancing. In three months of play, I had lost all confidence in the PING K-15 Clubs. After monitoring and evaluating my swing, Gene agreed to make me a single club. The Club I selected was a Tom Wishon 979SS #7 Iron.  I hit this #7 iron for almost three months and finally convinced him that I was ready for a full set of Irons, Hybrids, Fairway clubs & Driver. Once I received the Tom Wishon (MOI) Clubs that Gene made for me, I won the first three events that I played with the Admiral Baker Men’s Club, including the 2011 Club Match Play Championship. I played so well that on Tuesday 12 July 2011, my 1st Place Gross Score of 76 / Low Net 65 was disqualified by the committee on the pretense that I had declined to wager, so therefore my score was irrelevant for individual and team scoring. A blind was substituted for my score.
My recent record of play is a testimonial to Gene and the clubs that he assembled and fitted to me. My pitching wedge is not as long as the K-15 Ping but I can rely on it for the desired trajectory, disbursement, and distance. More Fairways hit, more Greens-in-regulation, and consistent scoring. The biggest disparity in my scoring is the number of putts. I would like to add that with the custom equipment from ADS Golf I am keeping up with my peers playing the latest R-11S / RZB for distance, while having greater accuracy.
I can’t imagine playing any product other than WGT, custom fitted by ADS Golf.


-Bill Hollister (Satisfied Customer)  
 Admiral Baker Men’s Club (Former)
 Chula Vista Men’s Club (Present)


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